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Our Computerized Automated Repair order System (CARS) completely eliminates hand-written repair orders. Nearly 95% of the information needed to run your business comes from the repair order. Since our system can be taught to understand your shorthand, writing the repair order is quick and simple.

The Precision Parts Manager keeps track of where each part is purchased, the price paid and the frequency of use. It also recommends selling prices based upon profit margins you establish. The receiving of parts can be tied to an automatic accounts payable entry and parts received for a job in progress are instantly routed to the repair order. The Precision Parts Manager also includes a perpetual inventory function.

The Service Manager™ tracks up to 20 repetitive or common services. As parts and labor are billed to the repair order, the service history is automatically recorded. The service history is attached to a clock or calendar so customers automatically receive reminder letters (or post cards) when services are needed. Optional thank-you-for-your-business letters and mass-mailing promotional letters are also included. Even customers that decide not to purchase needed repairs can be reminded of those needs at a later date.

The Filedrawer allows you to view or print repair orders completed days, weeks, months, or years ago. Reviewing the vehicle's service history and viewing previous repair orders gives you the ability to talk to your customers intelligently about what services their vehicle needs. Filedrawer in combination with our built-in Appointment Scheduler, eliminates major problems for service writers.

The Manager's Assistant™ bookkeeping function keeps a daily or periodic trial balance of your business: How much money should you have? How much money do you have? End-of-month bookkeeping is eliminated since the end-of-month totals are the result of adding up the days. Manager's Assistant™ handles receivables, payables, payroll, technician commissions, salesman commissions, profit & loss statements, business projections, employee productivity, and banking tasks.

The system also has a built-in Secretary, called Ask LODI, an information manager that stores and retrieves unlimited amounts of information. Because it's built-in, it is always available. It uses plain English so there are no complicated computer functions to learn. It even includes Business Letter Writer, our simplified word processor function.

Each time you complete a repair order in C.A.R.S., the system gives you the option of sending a Tickler Letter to that customer. You just tell the system how many days to wait before sending the letter.

Available options like: bar code readers, Mitchell parts & labor estimating guide, electronic printer switching, and multi-user operation over a LAN, make our systems the most versatile and easiest to use.

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