Ask LODI Secretary

Ask LODI (Language Oriented Data Inquiry)

Did you ever wonder what it would be like having a secretary that works at lightning speed, has the memory of an elephant and who is always there when you need to know things like:

 What do I have to do today?
 What cores were sent back?
 What is my lawyer's phone number?
 Who has birthdays in August?
 When did Bill get his last raise?
 What did I want to tell John?
 Who do I call when I'm having trouble fixing a Mercedes?
 What do I need to fix around the shop?
 What parts are still on special order at the Chevy dealer?
 Who did we order the side-view mirror for?
 Where do we get parts for the air compressor?
 What used cars are still in inventory?
 What did I quote Mr. Jones on that front end work 6 weeks ago?
 What is ABC Corporation's account number?
 What is my sales tax exemption certificate number?

That's Ask LODI, an exclusive function available only with our software. The name LODI stands for Language Oriented Data Inquiry and that is exactly what Ask LODI is. When working with Ask LODI you use plain English. There is absolutely NO obscure computer gobbledygook.

Now, it's possible to throw away your personal phone book, that stack of notes, messages and other scraps of paper. Just Ask LODI! Ask LODI will store any information that you enter and will then retrieve this information whenever you want. All it takes is the push of a button, right in the middle of whatever you are doing. You could be in the middle of starting a repair order, receiving a part, doing your books or looking up an old repair order. Ask LODI pops right up. Just Ask LODI the question and the answer will appear right on the screen. (Of course you can print the answer on paper too.) After you get the information you need, push another button to make Ask LODI go away, leaving you exactly at the point where you left off.

You will find Ask LODI so flexible that you will invent new uses for it. You will be surprised at how much Ask LODI will do for you.

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