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Precision Data Systems has been computerizing the vehicle service industry since 1978.

The dream began in the late seventies, when Americans were getting their cars fixed at local corner service stations. One such service station was owned operated by Robert Pollock. Due to his development of manual customer follow-up system using form letters and a typewriter the automotive center was extremely successful.

In 1978, Radio Shack introduced the first personal computer that could print on ordinary paper. Pollock realized there might be a way to replace the typewriter and form letters with this computer. There was one problem, computers needed programs, and in those days you had to write your own. After six weeks of fourteen hour days, Pollock developed the first customer follow-up system for personal computers. It was so effective that soon Pollock had other companies requesting that he perform the follow-up letters for their shops.

As his clients began to grow he discovered that some shops were interested in purchasing the program themselves. Seeing this opportunity, he developed a version that was as efficient and simple enough for anyone to use. The Service Manager™ Customer follow-up system and The Manager’s Assistant™ bookkeeping system were soon installed in hundreds of locations. Other programs and additional functions soon followed.

Precision Data continues to enhance its programs, learning from the feedback from clients and hundreds of installations. All of the knowledge from personal computers, vehicle service, and business management is incorporated into each and every product. That is how Precision Data has come to have the finest, easiest to use, most comprehensive, and best supported management system available anywhere.

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