Filedrawer - Repair Order Storage

As its name implies, Filedrawer electronically files repair orders created by C.A.R.S. eliminating the job of maintaining manual customer files. Filedrawer automatically makes "a manila folder" for each vehicle you service. Within the folder are all the repair orders for that car, newest ones on top.

The complete repair order is stored; not just a summary or condensed version, but the complete repair order exactly as the customer received it, days, months, or years ago. This makes it easy to produce a copy of the repair order after the fact, or answer any question about the service you have performed on the vehicle.

 Did you ever replace the choke pull off?
 What additional services did you recommend be done to that vehicle last time?
 When did that vehicle have it's last twelve oil changes?
 How old is this air filter?
 Which mechanic replaced the brake cable?
 Did you replace the left or right wheel bearing?
 How much did the customer spend repairing this vehicle?
 How much money did you make?
 Where did we get the alternator?
 How much did the water pump cost us?
 Who bought that size tire since August?
 Who bought Aqua Treads in March?
 Which towing company towed it in?

Filedrawer can answer all questions with the push of a button.

Filedrawer stores up to one million finished repair orders electronically regardless of hard disk space. It retains all information entered on the customer's copy. This includes the customer's original complaints about the vehicle, the services you performed, a detailed description of what you did to justify the price you charged, additional service recommendations and special warranty information including why you can not guarantee this job. Filedrawer also shows the source of every part used, whether it was special ordered or taken from stock.

Repair orders may be retrieved by customer name, address, and/or vehicle description, or by license, VIN or phone number. They can also be retrieved by invoice number, or range of invoice numbers and/or by date or range of dates. The repair order may be reviewed right on the screen or a fresh copy may be printed. The printed repair order may be a retail or job costed file copy. You can even have the system print all of the repair orders for any vehicle or customer at once. You can even print all repair orders which contain a certain part.

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