C.A.R.S. - Computerized Automotive Repair order System


*Replaces hand-written repair orders with a clear, neat, understandable printed repair order that looks professional and is free of dirty smudges and corrections.

*Access customer information by name, license, VIN or phone numbers and start the repair order with the push of one button.

*Drop-down lists for Year, Make and Models to speed up entry.

*When "Service needed" appears on the screen, the time set for the service schedule has past, for one or more of the 20 service categories.

*It also displays the date, mileage & technician for the last time service was performed for the 20 categories of services and allows you to read the description of work performed during the vehicle's last service (90% of the customers will buy services recommended the last time, that are still needed!).

*You can go directly to Filedrawer to look at previous repair orders for this vehicle.

*Also merchandises services by showing the 20 service categories on the printed repair order, with services needed highlighted.

*Customers accept that computer generated pricing is fair and constant, even though prices can be adjusted at anytime.

*Add parts to the repair order as they come in or at any other time.

*Can automatically add shop supplies/EPA charges based upon a percentage or a fixed dollar amount. Also adds sales tax as parts are added.

*Automatically records services performed as parts are added to the repair order.

*Memorizes which parts fit each year/make/model/engine combination, creating a customized parts application guide.

*Dollars charged are automatically put into correct sales category (labor, parts, sublet, etc.).

*Repair order can be printed showing a subtotal for each separate repair done.

*Tracks the salesperson who sold each job and the technician who performed each repair and installed each part.

*When taking a deposit on a job the repair order will show the balance due.

*Can discount repair orders by a straight percentage or by one of 26 discount plans.

*Prints work sheet to help route work through shop. Organizes work into 17 categories and 8 payment codes.

*Business source codes allows you to track sales dollars by 26 different user defined categories (Yellow page ad, newspaper ad, etc.).

*Can automatically switch between printers. Customer copies can print on pre-printed forms while shop copies print on plain paper.

*Can be "customized" for warranty info (such as Chicago standard), including special formats required by local/state law.

Appointment Scheduler (Included with C.A.R.S.)


*Makes scheduling an appointment just the push of one button.

*Keeps track of over 30,000 pending appointments.

*Schedule appointments up to 10 months in advance.

*Appointments can be for a specific time or "Bring it in and leave it".

*On screen calendar identifies days which are completely booked.

*Display the appointments on the screen or print on paper.

*Arranges appointments in order of time due.

*Displays appointment times and requested services.

*Start the repair order with just the push of one button.

*Requested services transfers to the repair order.



Service Manager™ Customer Follow-up


*Stores customers' name, address, phone numbers and vehicle info including description, year, make, model, unit # (if applicable), license, VIN, engine/trans specs., vehicle color.

*Stores "private" information not shown on repair orders or printed lists.

*Tracks 20 user defined service history categories for each vehicle and 10 user defined service interval schedules such as normal, severe, etc.

* Clearly shows when service is due based upon time and/or mileage. Automatically generates service reminders based upon service schedules.

*Tracks the dollar amount spent on each vehicle for current and cumulative periods.

*Sends thank you letters automatically, but, only at specified time intervals.

*Prints selected mass mailings based upon service information. Can print in zip code order for bulk mailing reduced rates.

*Prints reminder, thank you or promotional letters in post card or letter format. Letters can be mailed using a standard #10 window envelope. Prints mailing labels and customer lists.

*Exports customer list to disk for use by electronic mailing services.

*Tracks the number of reminder, thank you, promotional

*Tracks/prints employee performance. Shows how many vehicles employee serviced and how many of each service employee performed.



Precision Parts Manager


*Stock what you sell, not what your supplier wants to sell you

*Prints recommended purchase order for an unlimited number of vendors

*Recommends a selling price based on two level percentage or cost plus profit factor

*Remembers last price paid, even on items you do not stock

*Remembers the vendor/invoice#, date and cost for the part from up to 4 different vendors

*Prints labels to stick on parts and attach to shelf

*Perpetual inventory eliminates taking periodic physical inventory

*Divides inventory into up to 1300 sections

*Allows spot-checking inventory by section

*Summarizes inventory by sales department

*Will display all tires in stock that will fit the customer’s vehicle

*Identifies overstocks and reports fast movers


Functions added to C.A.R.S. by Precision Parts Manager


*Adds job-costing to reports and shows profit

*Instantly removes parts from stock

*Warns you when your stock is low, if selling the last one, if item is out of stock, or when selling the item for less than is costs

*Gives instant tire quotes on from 1 to 7 tires (can include mounting, balancing, valves, stems, disposal, tax, etc.)

*Recommends a selling price based on cost plus profit factor

*monitors vendors and recognizes all vendor increases

*Displays customers' net price based upon discount allowed him

*Monitors all items you purchase, so you can decide what to stock based upon what you use

*Cross references manufacturers part numbers to the ones you use

*Requires very little typing because it uses the detailed information stored in Precision Parts Manager






*Makes a "Personal History Folder" for each vehicle serviced

*Electronically files complete repair orders in full detail

*Stores up to one million repair orders

*Prints repair orders in full detail exactly as when it was given to customer, days, weeks, month or years ago

*Can also print repair orders in summary form

*Will find repair orders containing specific part numbers, labor operations or type of vehicle



Utilities and Menu


*Set the computer clock

*Ask Lodi Interface - Loads Bookkeeping and inventory information automatically into Ask Lodi

*Business Letter Writer (See description below)

*Format backup diskettes

*Initialize printer

*Route printing to multiple printers

*Select monitor type



Business Letter Writer


*A very easy to use word processor designed for typing typical one page business letters

*Very little to learn because it works just like entering repair descriptions into C.A.R.S.

*Easily creates an attractive letterhead so you can use plain paper



Ask LODI information manager



*Hot-key from within any function ... even available right in the middle of typing a word!

*Automatically learns inventory sections (Groups)

*Automatically learns labor operation codes (Requires Precision Parts Manager.)

*Automatically learns house charge accounts, expense codes, employees (Requires Manager's Assistant™ Bookkeeping)

*Automatically learns vendor codes used to quickly write checks (Requires Manager's Assistant™ Checking)

*Replaces phone book / Rolodex

*Stores ANYTHING you feel is important for quick retrieval

*Allows the creation of a “To Do List”


Short-hand typing


*Reduces the required typing by half

*Expands abbreviations (LOF become Change oil, oil filter, etc.)

*Bills the parts and labor on complete "standard jobs" such as oil change, front brakes

*Describes common jobs in detail (Brake reline includes ... etc.)

*Nearly unlimited capacity

-         Included with C.A.R.S.



Manager's Assistant™ Bookkeeping


*Built around a trial balance function

*Insures sales, bank deposits, receivables and cash expenditures are correct

*Daily report of profit and profit projections

*Gives credit to installer and/or salesman

*Calculates commissions and/or monitors employee productivity

*Tracks vacation and sick time earned and used

*Full accounts receivable with statement printing and service charges

*Tracks expenses paid from cash drawer/change fund

*Provides monthly information to accountant in "accountant's format"

*Keeps you informed as to where your business is at and where it's headed

*Eliminates trying to balance at the end of the month

*Integrated Fuel Module

*        Handles all types of dispensers and consoles

*        Balance pump readings

*        Converts stick readings to gallons

*        Balances storage tanks

*        Recommends a gas order

*        Comprehensive pool margin (weighted average margin) analysis

*Integrated "C" Store Module

*        Fifty sales departments

*        Easy input from cash register

*        Tracks purchases at cost and retail

*        Supports retail sales inventory method



Manager's Assistant™ Checking


*Track what's owed to vendors

*Writes/records checks

*Pays vendors

*Pays all other bills

*Pays employees

*Computes 941 payment

*Built-in tax tables

*Handles S.E.P., 401k, cafeteria plan, federal, state and local taxes

*Prints W-2's

*Reconciles checking accounts

*Update Profit & Loss Statement

-         Requires Manager's Assistant™ Bookkeeping


Functions added to C.A.R.S. by Checking


*Allows tracking special incentives to employees for selling "Feature items"



Accounts Payable with Cash Management


*Tracks each vendor invoice separately

*Recommends payment so any prompt payment discounts are not lost

*Recommends payment so your credit remains "first class"

*Reconciles vendors' statements

*Allows payment of part of any invoice

*Supports dating purchases

*Writes all required checks at a push of a button

*Printed detailed list of items paid to send with payment

-         Requires Manager's Assistant™ Bookkeeping

-         Requires Manager's Assistant™ Checking


Functions added to C.A.R.S. by Accounts Payable


*Automatically record unpaid invoices for parts while they are being received



Tickler Letters


*Sends a special letter reminding customers of services you recommended at the vehicle's last service which the customer did not buy at that time

*Reprints the Description of Work box from the repair order right in body of letter

-         Requires C.A.R.S.

-         Requires Service Manager™ Customer History

-         Requires Filedrawer



Bar code


*Allows your inventory to be identified with Bar codes

-         Requires C.A.R.S.

-         Requires Precision Parts Manager

-         Requires purchase of bar code reader equipment


Functions added to C.A.R.S. by Bar code


*C.A.R.S. will receive parts and enter parts onto repair order by just swiping the bar code with a wand or by shooting the bar code with a hand-held scanner

*C.A.R.S. will print bar code labels as you enter your stock order



Mitchell Interface


*Accesses Mitchell's labor and parts estimating guide directly from within C.A.R.S.

*Takes the labor from Mitchell and put it right on the repair order or estimate. (When used with Precision Parts Manager the labor rate can vary according to the labor skill level.)

*Takes the part from Mitchell and put it right on the estimate

-         Requires an approved CD drive and a subscription to Mitchell's Parts & Labor Guide CD’s



Quick Quote Interface


*Accesses the Quick Quote library of canned estimates

*C.A.R.S. will transfer repair order information directly to the printed Quick Quote

-          Requires the purchase of the Quick Quote library



Multi-user access


*Allows you to work on two or more computers at the same time.


Remote computer access


*Allows you to work from home

*Permits you to do anything from home that you can do at work

*The printing will even come out of your home printer

-Requires appropriate remote access software and high quality modems



Quick Start Diskette


*Eliminated the need to go through the setup functions to make the system work

*Makes system setup a 60 second job

*Install this diskette which is custom made for your business and you're ready to write repair orders



Some pieces require the purchase of others (noted by "-"). Some pieces require the purchase of equipment and/or additional software manufactured by others.


Each piece includes some On-site set up and training time. Additional training is available for a reasonable fee. Pre-paid contract for around-the-clock assistance is available. Telephone help is also available on a pay-as-needed plan.