Precision Parts Manager

Precision Parts Manager
Precision Parts Manager was specifically designed for the automotive service industry. It has at its core a self-managing perpetual inventory system that is designed specifically for the Automotive Service Industry. As with any competent inventory system, it will tell you what you have in stock, how much you paid for it, who you bought it from, what you want to sell it for and how many you want to have in stock. The Precision Parts Manager also has the ability to produce a recommended re-order list for any supplier with the push of a button.

You can best think of Precision Parts Manager as not one inventory but up to 1,300 separate specialized inventories because the system understands auto and truck parts. For example, suppose you are receiving a drive belt. You would have a section in the Parts Manager specifically for drive belts. When you enter the drive belt part number the computer knows what it is and tells you "It's a drive belt! You usually buy them from Drive Belts Unlimited. Because you like to price them with a 47.4% profit margin, you should sell it for $$$$." This eliminates a tremendous amount of typing. The optional bar coding package speeds up work even more.

As you know, profit margins vary depending on the price of the part. You can tell the Precision Parts Manager what percentage of profit you want based on the part. This provides the ability to increase or decrease profit margins based on the part since profit margins can be different on wire sets, alternators, radiator hoses, etc.

The Precision Parts Manager monitors the sale of every part; not just the parts you stock but every part sold! Thus, it provides the hard facts necessary to improve inventory turnover and to increase inventory coverage while decreasing inventory cost and reducing inventory shrinkage. By monitoring every part it prevents over-charging by vendors and automatically maintains sales history for the current month, for each of the last twenty four months, for this year-to-date, and for as long as you've had your system. It also keeps track of the last five times you bought each item, the last time you sold each item, and the last time you placed each item on order. A purchase order for any vendor is available at the push of a button allowing you to stock what you sell, not what your vendors want to sell!

You can instantly find the parts that are identical in application but different enough in quality or brand recognition using the Precision Parts Manager cross reference function justifying stocking both. You can also make the system convert from the old superceded part number to its current replacement and automatically convert short part numbers to long part numbers. (You can even invent your own short part numbers that are easy for you to remember.) This feature also allows identical parts to be bought from different suppliers using different part numbers so that the system stores these parts in the same "parts bin". This prevents accidentally over-ordering when sufficient quantities are on the shelf under unfamiliar part numbers.

Because the Precision Parts Manager simultaneously maintains your inventory value on each item based on the last cost paid (replacement cost), weighted average cost, and the lower of cost or market (useful for tax purposes), you can find out the value of your inventory at any time by simply pushing a button. Each item stocked can owned or on consignment with the consigned units automatically excluded from your inventory totals.

Also included is the built-in self-management feature which automatically deletes inactive items (items of which there are none on hand and no sales history) eliminates the dozens of hours of work needed to repeatedly clean up less sophisticated systems. You will no longer have the headache of taking inventory; you just spot-check your inventory, little by little, during the year. That way, your inventory can never be far off. Also, this erratic spot-checking keeps honest people honest.

The system posting report lists all items received and summarizes sales by department, showing both cost and retail. It also shows where the part came from, what it was used for and whether the part got sold at less than your desired profit. A built in report generator allows you to invent your own reports as needed.

The Precision Parts Manager directly integrates with C.A.R.S. (Computerized Automotive Repair order System).

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